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Pleated Blinds Window Type
Aug 03, 2017

Pleated Blinds Window type

For the foliage of this window products, people are very understanding of it, this window is a commonly used window type, it has been recognized and loved. In fact, this product it has two major product advantages, then let us fold foliage manufacturers to take you to find out about it

     Currently on the market sales of folds blinds are basically made of aluminum alloy, this material is relatively light weight of its products, but its hardness is better, when used when not easily damaged, and easy to carry and Installation, which is a major advantage of the product. Second, the price of these products is relatively high, the current market price of such products above the stability of its price is not high, and decorative performance is still relatively strong, so in many products which will choose more cost-effective products. Because of its two major advantages of the product, it has been recognized and loved by many customers, making the foliage blinds become a higher sales of products, has a large number of applications in our living environment around.

Fold foliage is a kind of family new home soft clothing ornaments, new buildings, decoration will basically use. Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life.


In all the decoration materials with unparalleled natural beauty. A simple piece of wood, so that the city of the cement in the jungle of the river think of green trees and trees and trees, as if there are strands of green leaves from the elegant out of the fresh oxygen slips into the heart. For the natural beauty of wood, people want to have, especially in green and healthy today. Home, as the most secret and relaxed place, people want to decorate the comfort of some more. There is wood to help, elegant expression is also very easy to naturally show. Stylish handsome hardwood doors and windows are often impressive and impressive. Whether in the visual and tactile, the wood is superior material. It is clear and profound lines will immediately attract people's attention, people can not help but want to touch the texture of wood. Solid wood foliage is to make the room look elegant and elegant. From the Victorian era to the present changes in the design of the American interior, the wood has always played a very important role in it. Which is called the classic beveled glass and lanterns and comfortable natural hard wood window grilles, has let the number of home people full of nostalgia.

Different from the soft texture of the curtains, folds of the foliage leaves are made of wood, glass and aluminum alloy, so you can resist the sun, wind and rain, dust erosion, and easy to clean.

The folds on the market, or slender gorgeous, or bold gods. The overall arrangement of the horizontal lines show the style and warm beauty of the plane. Through the regulation of light, fold foliage can also bring modern and simple space to change the pleasing to the eye; a variety of colors to make the choice of folds blinds and home decoration style integration.

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