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Pleated Blinds Through The Adjustment Of Light
Aug 15, 2017

Pleated Blinds Through the adjustment of light

Shutters are a kind of new home decoration, new building, decoration will basically use. Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood in all the decoration materials with unparalleled natural beauty.

People want to decorate their comfort. There is wood to help, elegant expression is also very easy to naturally show. Stylish handsome hardwood doors and windows are often impressive and impressive. Whether in the visual and tactile, the wood is superior material. It is clear and profound lines will immediately attract people's attention, people can not help but want to touch the texture of wood. Solid wood blinds is to make the room look elegant and elegant. From the Victorian era to the present changes in the design of the American interior, the wood has always played a very important role in it. Which is called the classic beveled glass and lanterns and comfortable natural hard wood window grilles, has let the number of home people full of nostalgia.

The blinds on the market, or slender or gorgeous, or bold gods. The overall arrangement of the horizontal lines show the style and warm beauty of the plane. Through the adjustment of light, blinds can also bring modern and simple space to change the pleasing feeling; a variety of colors to make the choice of blinds and home decoration style integration.

When cleaning the shutters, you can put a linen glove on the outside of the rubber glove (no linen gloves can be replaced with old thread gloves), and the linen gloves are stained with detergent, wiping the blinds in a row and row. If the linen gloves are dirty, just wash your linen gloves with a handwashing method. Finally, replace the new linen gloves with water, and clean the blinds with a cleaning agent or make a great turn When the action should be light, so as not to damage the blinds or rope).

Ming Dynasty, lying lattice window has great development. In the Song Dynasty brick tower to make a variety of a variety of straight lattice window, in the Ming Dynasty brick tower also do lying lattice window, especially the example, that is the predecessor of the blinds. In fact, do the window lattice, mainly with it to ventilation and fresh air, as the window lattice, of course, nothing more than a few styles, not the bar is the vertical bar, then the bar is the shape of the blinds. Strictly speaking, the lattice window and the blinds are a little different, that is, lying lattice window and the gap is transparent. Blinds window lattice to do oblique lattice, horizontal and horizontal invisible inside and outside, only to see the slope to see. But the modern shutters were invented by the Americans, called John Hampson and in August 21, 1841 made the invention patent. Blinds, windows with louvers. Different from the blinds. Blinds like curtains, leaves smaller, can Shoulong, is our TV or daily common.

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