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Pleated Blinds The Use Of Blinds
Sep 20, 2017

Pleated Blinds The use of blinds

Life, in many cases, especially in the unit, led inside the big glass, the staff outside the big glass, in order to protect the privacy, if the hanging curtains feel some do not take, most of the time, will produce folds shutters, on the one hand does not affect Light, on the other hand can effectively protect privacy. But people will find that in the use of foliage blinds in the process, there will often be such and such problems, some products do not use how long can not be used, which is actually the foliage of the process of making no attention to the relevant problems caused , Today we take a look at the selection of foliage in the process of the need to pay attention to what matters before they can ensure that folds can be used for a long time.

    First of all, the folds are composed of many leaves, each leaf will have punching, so check the punching not to break and to be smooth, and the leaves on both sides can not be too rough.

    Second, in order to prevent the seller cut corners, you should pay attention to the folds of the folds of the thick foliage and the number of leaves to see whether the folds can be connected to each other, and the curvature is also very important, if too large, fold foliage leaves easily deformed.

    Again, for the folds of the foliage leaves to be checked for each piece, and is the front and back of the inspection, so as to avoid bending or bending area is too large, affecting the installation of a sense of straight.

   Finally, for the entire window of the film, be sure to pay attention to color, especially when people look at the middle of the window is more important, do not produce color, to Mian affect the appearance.

    The use of foliage shutters can be said to be very broad and can be seen everywhere in life, although this is not a big thing, but if you do not know how to choose the rules, after installation, how long will not have such a problem , Will give our lives and work to bring unnecessary trouble, so to understand some of the considerations when picking, or very necessary. In the ordinary people's mindset inside, the only way to adjust the sun at home is the curtains, in fact, not all. Studying foreigners' lifestyles, custom folding folds is a good way. The advantage of folding foliage is that by adjusting the angle of the window can adjust the indoor light, good foliage blinds both practical and beautiful, eliminating the cost of curtains.

    Flexible leaf curtain, not only stretch freely, but also with the light angle changes to selectively use, both to block the direct exposure of the light, but also to retain the other location transmitted light. When not in use, just a single pull can be hidden in the top of the dark groove, do not occupy the place, it will not fall for a long time falling dust.

    Home living room often installed air conditioning Guiji, how to make air conditioning into a part of indoor harmony, is a lot of people in the decoration will encounter practical problems. This is done for the air conditioning to do a niche, fitted with pleated blinds on the outside, in the use of open folds shutters, when not in the fold when the blinds closed, so air conditioning completely become part of the home.

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