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Pleated Blinds Home New Home Soft Install
Sep 08, 2017

Pleated Blinds Home new home soft install

Folded shutters are a kind of new home furnishings, new buildings, renovations are basically used. So how do you fold foliage? In the usual use of our attention to what?

How to use louvers properly:

1, fold the blinds before pulling the curtain, the first tune to the orbit into the 90 angle, that is, leaves and leaves were parallel.

2, pull the folds of the blinds, holding the handle vertical louvers pulling a rope (cross lap pull all the rope) can pull the leaves.

3, keep the louvers dry and clean, clean, avoid contact with a lot of water.

4, is strictly prohibited sharp knives and other hard objects scratch or collision blinds surface.

5, when the wind is not used to open the window, please close the window when the rain so as not to seepage.

Fold foliage how to maintain:

1, daily cleaning with water 30% wet cloth for cleaning.

2, is strictly prohibited with harmful chemicals cleaning agent shutter doors and windows surface.

3, serious scratches and damage can apply to the factory repair, you can make your louvers fold the same as the new products.

Blend of fashionable and typical in one, fold foliage combined with ancient decorations with trendy and conservative style. With a natural simple, beautiful vulgar decorative effect. The foliage of the foliage can be turned freely, conditioning the indoor air and light, when you need the sun, the beauty may be fresh air, only need to quietly open the leaves, indoor and outdoor will be seamless; when you do not want so strong sun may want to keep a little private Sex, only need to mobilize the direction of the leaves, all the wishes can be completed, it is so easy, just move a move, the sun, beauty, air by your control!

Breathable windows (pleated shutters) are used by many villas, mansions, can not restrain the rules, separated by space, typical fashion, green dumb mouth, cut off the common product. Can be used as high-end curtains for doors and windows inside; or used to do partition, and cabinet. So you can enjoy the sun, but also have your privacy; can also be widely used in the villa window. European ventilation window (fold blinds), solid wood ventilation window (fold shutters) amount of the amount of window ornaments used more than 60%. Specifications are divided into 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches. Style folding, flat pull, inside and outside the push-pull, oval) on the pull-down activities of the leaves, three-dimensional) fixed two leaves. Leaf blade fixed, oblique angle of 45 degrees, blade width specifications are 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches. Material made of high quality linden wood made of its material by steaming antivirus, pest control, mildew.

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