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Pleated Blinds Guaranteed Space Brightness
Nov 01, 2017

Pleated Blinds Guaranteed space brightness

There are many kinds of aluminum blinds, such as aluminum alloy straight louver profiles, waterproof aluminum alloy louvers, etc., there are many kinds of technology, such as light films, matt films, matte films, bumps, pinholes and so on. So what kind of specifications should be followed when the louver profile is installed?

1. Construction workers must be admitted to the safety education, after passing the examination before entering the field. Into the construction site must wear a qualified helmet, tied the next amount of the band, locked buckle;

2. There shall be a solid foothold at the floating operation and shall be provided with a protective net, railings or other safety facilities, as the case may be.

3. When the first seat of the seat belt, and then the insurance lock (safety rope), and then tied a good shackle (operation rope), while the board button to tighten, solid death.

4. Transport materials should pay attention to safety, multi-person delivery of transmission materials to be stable, to prohibit anything to fall. Material to put a smooth, not allowed to pile up in the floor side.

5. The use of derrick hanging material should pay attention to safety, the basket is not stopped not open the discharge platform protection door into the inside of the probe and other hanging blue up. Do not use the derrick hanging blue to close the unloading platform protection door in time.

 6. When using hand-held power tools, the operator should be trained to understand the construction of mechanical equipment, performance and use, to master the use, maintenance, maintenance of the safety of technical knowledge. Circuit failure must be excluded by a professional electrician. Lighting or shade, is based on the needs of residents to decide. Shade shade will be home dimmer master posture came into being. This year, the market shade products more and more, and in the integration of intelligent technology, intelligent home has become an indispensable and important part. Compared to traditional curtains, shade screens can better understand the light required for home space, you can isolate ultraviolet light, heat and reduce energy consumption; if necessary, can also be integrated into the intelligent system, leading us ahead of life into the future.

Shade window industry is developing rapidly

With curtains instead of curtains, the European family has been very common. Zhang Guang, vice president of a shade, said, "According to Zhang introduced the traditional living room curtains generally have two layers, a layer of semi-transparent shade and a layer of decorative effect Shade curtains. Open the two layers of curtains, for the whole light transmission mode; separate open shade, keep the shade, for the semi-shading mode, both to ensure that the brightness of space, there is a certain degree of privacy; and closed two layers of curtains, you can achieve complete shading.

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