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Pleated Blinds Directly Fixed
Oct 12, 2017

Pleated Blinds Directly fixed

Fixed whole blinds curtains:

1, for the rope, and pulled the position after the rope to the right swing can be fixed. To the left swing can continue to pull.

2, for the pull of the beads, pull down to stop can be directly fixed.

Fixed leaves on the blinds:

1, the old with a rotating rod, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the direction of the blade can change, stop and can be fixed.

2, the new, as long as the handle by the button on the direction of the blade will change, stop pressing the button to be fixed.

1, built-in leaf glass in the use of why the stretch effort, feel too heavy?

1) magnetically controlled aluminum rails are improperly installed, magnetic bias, louvers stretch effort.

Solution: Remove the aluminum rail, re-install, aluminum rail close to the aluminum frame, seamless.

2) Hollow louver glass control mechanism is not installed when the installation of hollow louver glass installation requirements, resulting in too deep or inclined groove.

Solution: Remove the hollow louver glass, according to the installation requirements, re-install.

3) magnetic handle on the magnet man-made damage, handle the wheel does not roll or damage.

Workaround: Replace the damaged parts.

2, built-in blinds why the demagnetization of glass?

1) The magnetic handle is in the relaxed state of the magnetic field, and is not fully engaged.

Solution: Reinstall the magnetic handle, so that the magnetic handle into the tight fit state.

2) the user pulls up the magnet handle up and down, pulling too fast too fast, resulting in magnetic handle demagnetization.

Solution: Reinstall the magnetic handle, so that the magnetic handle into the tight fit state. Built-in blinds common problem handling tips

The main role of curtains is isolated from the outside world, to maintain the privacy of the room, while it is indispensable decorations. In winter, the curtains of the curtains are divided into two worlds, adding warmth to the house.

Modern curtains, both dimmer, shading, to meet the needs of different intensity of light; and wind, dust, heat, warm, muffler, improve the room climate and the environment. Therefore, the decorative and practical clever combination of modern curtains is the biggest feature.

Cloth curtains for many years has been the main body of the decoration, the future is still the mainstream trend, but in the fabric and the situation has been updated. In recent years, people in the home furnishings began to pursue the natural quaint feeling, so there have been some, such as reed curtain, curtains and other materials curtains. From the type point of view, the current more fashionable curtains are the following:


At present, the most popular roller material is made from South Korea imported fabric, Korean fabric shutter is simple, generous, more color, easy to use; In addition, also shade, breathable, fire, use a period of time to take down cleaning More convenient.

The biggest feature of the shutter is simple, surrounded by no fancy decoration, the top of the window there is a roll box, you can use a pull down. More suitable for installation in the study, a computer room and a small room area. Like quiet, simple people, suitable to use the shutter, the sun room with a shutter shade better.

Curtain has a monochrome, color, and a curtain is a whole pattern. South Korea is expected to roll the price of 200 yuan per square meter to 350 yuan. The major building materials are sold, the need to note that the current market has imitation of the Korean roller shutter, imitation shutter fade, contact with water after the deformation, the purchase can be tested on the spot.

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