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Pleated Blinds Beautifully Decorated
Sep 28, 2017

Pleated Blinds Beautifully decorated

Fold foliage is particularly wooden fold foliage now home is already very common, its use can be described as "the more the better."

Also can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms. The figure above is installed in the kitchen fold foliage picture, solid wood foliage shutters in addition to being able to install these activities in the bedroom, living room, balcony. This will not only increase the overall decoration of the room vulgar decorative effect, but also to meet the ventilation of these rooms and the sun's needs, so that your life more convenient!

From China. China's modern construction, folds blinds is a style of the window. There are straight lattice windows, from the Warring States to the Han Dynasty dynasties have used. Straight said the straight lattice window, there are horizontal bar called the lattice window. Ming Dynasty, lying lattice window has a great development. Song Dynasty brick tower to make a variety of a variety of straight lattice windows, the Ming Dynasty brick tower also do lying lattice windows, examples of special, that is, the predecessor of folds shutters. Country wooden folds shutters to carry out, has been six or seven hundred years of history. So why is there a wooden fold foliage? This question remains to be explored. A person who can pass it from China to his own country into China to see China has wooden folds shutters, under the revelation, also do; the second can be different countries have the same wisdom, coincide , Are made out of this whole can have. In fact, do the window lattice, it is important to use it to ventilate and for the new air, as the window lattice, of course, nothing more than a few styles, not the bar is the vertical bar that is the wooden fold foliage prototype. Strictly speaking, lying lattice window and fold the blinds are different, that is, lying lattice window and the gap translucent. Window lattice to do oblique lattice, the direction of the inside and outside invisible, only to see the slope to see.

Breathable windows (pleated shutters) Complex handmade craftsmanship, complete details of the disposal, a variety of colors to make the choice of breathable windows and home decoration style. Whether it is European and American style, or Chinese style decoration. For my products can highlight the surging atmosphere, vulgar quality of the performance of my appreciation and quality of conservation, so that the arts and art space instantly ascension to highlight the distinguished to ensure quality of life. Breathable window (pleated louver) is a lot of villas, luxury choice, can not restrain, empty space, typical fashion, green dumb, cut off the common product. Can be used as high-end curtains for doors and windows inside; or used to do partition, and cabinet. So you can enjoy the sun, but also have your privacy; can also be widely used in the villa window. European ventilation window (fold blinds), solid wood ventilation window (fold shutters) amount of the amount of window ornaments used more than 60%. Specifications are divided into 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches. Style folding, flat pull, inside and outside the push-pull, oval) on the pull-down activities of the leaves, three-dimensional) fixed two kinds of leaves. Leaf blade fixed, oblique angle of 45 degrees, blade width specifications are 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches. Material made of high quality linden wood made of its material by steaming antivirus, pest control, mildew.

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