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Pleated Blinds Base On Needs
Oct 23, 2017

Pleated Blinds base on needs

The right way to buy indoor curtains

 Modern decoration design house, but that brains, consider more, to be beautiful, but also functional, to save costs, but also environmental protection, can be described as exhaustive. So, when the villa decoration, how to choose the right curtain? This opens the veil for everyone. Now the curtains, from the insulation, noise to the UV, dust, water, can be said to be fully functional. Whether it is curtains, gauze, shutter, bamboo curtain or blinds, each have their own advantages. Therefore, when we choose the time must be based on needs, ask clear to buy.

The curtains are the most common in the living room and the bedroom. In order to visual effects and the use of convenience, we will be more with the curtains and curtains used. However, if you are not satisfied with the opacity of the curtains in the house, do not rush to change the new, as long as the original curtain to add a layer of shade cloth on it. Shading cloth used by the material is somewhat similar to the umbrella, although the light, but a good shade cloth can play an excellent heat insulation, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet and other effects. But it should be noted that the shade cloth mostly with cloth curtains sewn or paste together, rarely independent into a curtain. Because the shade cloth itself is relatively thin, if not followed by the curtain pull is not convenient, no drape, for the shading effect will be affected. As a result of multi-level cloth curtains seem stable atmosphere, and was noble. Therefore, the most suitable for use in the living room and host room.

Roller shutter quality of the shutter can be set shade, noise, safety, convenience is one. It is generally divided into manual and automatic two, if necessary, can also be used in conjunction with the manual lock, as long as you inside the lock, the curtain will be difficult to open from the outside; and curtains, if the curtain and the window of the connection Well, you can play a very good sound insulation effect. Although can not be 100% sound insulation, but also to solve a lot of problems. From the perspective of shade, the shutter does not have a thick curtain effect. But if it is the use of PVC material shutter, the anti-UV effect is also very good. Under normal circumstances, the shutter is more suitable for use in the study, the room, especially the children of the age of the room. Because the pattern of the shutter is more active, it is not easy to pull the child bad.

Venetian blinds, vertical screens and bamboo curtains are the master of light control, privacy, clever ventilation and landscaping. They and other curtains will cover all the windows are different, if you like, you can adjust the light as needed, so that the indoor environment to achieve harmony and unity; because they are more compact and not a whole, so ventilation and ventilation is relatively simple; these more flexible curtains, Modeling rich, can also choose a lot of patterns. It should be noted that not all of the blinds are insulated, metal blinds with thermal insulation, and fabric-like blinds with insulated materials usually have a very good insulation effect. Venetian blind and neat, and easy to clean daily, more suitable for simple room space, home study, gym and other function-based space can also be used. In addition, magnesium aluminum blinds have a strong waterproof, anti-corrosion function, but also very good care, the most suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen and other functions in the main space. Large home city to curtain fabric-based brands are numbered, and the high price, not very suitable for ordinary consumers. As long as you buy is not fake, the curtains from the quality to the appearance of the market can also meet our daily use.

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