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Honeycomb Blinds The Leaves Are Parallel
Aug 29, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds The leaves are parallel

Honeycomb shutter is a kind of family bridal chamber soft outfit decorations, new building, decorate basically will use. So how do you use cellular blinds? What should we pay attention to in our daily use?

How to use 100 leaves correctly:

1. Before the honeycomb shutter is pulled, the blade is tuned to the 90 Angle of the orbit, which means that the blade is in parallel with the blade.

2. When pulling the honeycomb blinds, pull a pull rope with the handle vertical louver (pulling the whole string pulling the whole rope) to pull the blade apart.

3. Keep the shutter doors and Windows dry and tidy to avoid contact with large amounts of water.

4. It is forbidden to shave or impact the surface of a hundred leaves with sharp cutting tools or other hard objects.

Do not open the window when the wind is large. Please close the Windows to avoid water seepage when it rains.

How to maintain the cellular shutters:

1. Clean and clean 30% of wet cloth with water in water.

2. It is strictly forbidden to clean the surface of the Windows and Windows with harmful chemicals.

3. Severe scratches and damage can be applied to the factory for maintenance, which can make your Venetian blinds the same as new products.

Honeycomb shutters are specially made of wooden honeycomb shutters that are now widely used in homes, and its use is "the more the better".

It can also be installed in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms. The above is a picture of the honeycomb shutters installed in the kitchen, with solid wooden Windows that can be installed in the bedroom, living room and balcony. This increases the room to decorate the adornment effect of beautiful vulgar and vulgar, also can satisfy these room ventilated and sunshine demand, make your life more convenient!

It comes from China. Honeycomb shutters are a pattern of Windows in modern China. There are mullion Windows, from the warring states period to the han dynasty. Straight Windows and horizontal Windows. In the Ming dynasty, the lattice Windows were greatly developed. In the song dynasty, various kinds of lattice Windows were made, and there were lattice Windows on the brick tower of Ming dynasty, which was the predecessor of honeycomb shutters. The wooden honeycomb shutters in China have been carried out for six or seven hundred years. So why do you have wooden shutters? The question remains to be explored. A native who can get it from China to his own country into China and see that China has wooden honeycomb shutters. The second is that people of different countries have the same wisdom, and they have all produced this whole thing. Actually do the window Ling, important to use it to change ventilation and fresh air, as for the window Ling, nothing more than several kinds of style, of course, is not horizontal bar so the stripes is wooden honeycomb blinds. In severity, the lattice Windows are a little different from the honeycomb shutters, which are laid out in horizontal rows. The window lattice is made of inclined lattice, the degree is not visible inside and outside, only the inclined plane can see.

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