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Honeycomb Blinds Stretch Effort
Sep 20, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Stretch effort

The solution of honeycomb blinds stretching effort

    Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood in all the decoration materials with unparalleled natural beauty, electric honeycomb blinds because of its beautiful energy-saving, simple and neat, privacy and other features in the decoration more and more rise, but the electric honeycomb blinds with a long time to use, will There are some minor problems, such as stretching effort, feel too heavy problems, encounter such a small problem you can solve the following methods:

One reason: magnetically controlled aluminum rail improper installation, magnetic bias, electric honeycomb blinds stretch effort.

Solution: Remove the aluminum rail, re-install, aluminum rail close to the aluminum frame, seamless.

Reason two: electric honeycomb blinds aluminum rail bending.

Solution: Replace the aluminum rail.

Reason three: electric honeycomb blinds control mechanism is not installed in accordance with its installation requirements, resulting in too deep or inclined groove.

Solution: Remove the electric honeycomb blinds and reinstall them according to the installation requirements.

Cause four: magnetic handle on the magnet man-made damage, handle the wheel does not roll or damage.

Workaround: Replace the damaged parts.

Through the above four methods hope to help you solve the electric honeycomb blinds stretch the problem, our development center has a strong practical strength, in the production and installation, has a wealth of theoretical and time experience. Our company in due diligence attitude is willing to work with you new and old customers sincere cooperation for customers for greater benefits to the user to create an ideal living space. Every summer, the hot sun through the window will make people feel a kind of inexplicable irritability. Manual honeycomb blinds ventilated breathable performance, can adjust the indoor light intensity, especially for simple and bright interior space. Below Xiaobian to tell you about the manual honeycomb blinds transport storage Note:

1, built-in blinds insulating glass long-distance transport to be packed in wooden boxes, packing when the louvers need to be stowed, and positioning the magnetic block within the product within the lift within the slider to move, keep the rope inside the product is always tensioned. Each product is separated by plastic sheet or paper, and the glass and the box are filled with soft and soft material.

2, at any time, do not manually move the upper part of the cellular blinds or upside down. On the vertical leaves of the glass should be vertical, no way to put the side of the side, side should pay attention to the side of the pull down, that is, positioning the strong magnetic side of the side down.

3, the transport shall not be flat or inclined, the length of the direction of transport vehicles should be the same direction, and should be anti-rain measures.

4, handling must be careful, light move is placed to prevent the glass scratched or damaged.

5, manual honeycomb blinds should be placed vertically in the dry room.

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