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Honeycomb Blinds Making The Process
Aug 03, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Making the process

What matters need to be noticed when selecting blinds?

Ming Dynasty, lying lattice window has great development. In the Song Dynasty brick tower to make a variety of a variety of straight lattice window, in the Ming Dynasty brick tower also do lying lattice window, especially the example, that is the predecessor of the blinds. In fact, do the window lattice, mainly with it to ventilation and fresh air, as the window lattice, of course, nothing more than a few styles, not the bar is the vertical bar, then the bar is the shape of the blinds. Strictly speaking, the lattice window and the blinds are a little different, that is, lying lattice window and the gap is transparent. Blinds window lattice to do oblique lattice, horizontal and horizontal invisible inside and outside, only to see the slope to see. But the modern shutters were invented by the Americans, called John Hampson and in August 21, 1841 made the invention patent. Blinds, windows with louvers. Different from the blinds. Blinds like curtains, leaves smaller, can Shoulong, is our TV or daily common. Life, in many cases, especially in the unit, led inside the big glass, the staff outside the big glass, in order to protect privacy, if the hanging curtains feel some do not take, most of the time, will produce shutters, on the one hand does not affect the light , On the other hand can effectively protect privacy. But people will find that in the use of the process, there will often be such and such problems, some products useless how long can not be used, which is actually the production process did not notice the relevant problems caused, and today we To see in the selection process need to pay attention to what matters, it will ensure that it can be used for a long time.

First of all, it is composed of many leaves, each leaf will have punching, so check the punching not to break and to be smooth, and the leaves on both sides can not be too rough.

Second, in order to prevent the seller cut corners, you should pay attention to the thickness of the leaves and the number of leaves to see if they can connect with each other, and the curvature is also very important, if too large, the leaves easily deformed.

Again, for the leaves to be checked for each piece, but also positive and negative inspection, so as to avoid bending or bending area is too large, affecting the installation of a sense of straight.

Finally, for the entire window of the film, we must pay attention to color, especially when people look at the middle of the window is more important, do not produce color, to Mian affect the appearance. The use of blinds can be said that a very wide range of life can be seen everywhere, although this is not a big thing, but if you do not know how to choose the rules, after installation, how long will not have such a problem, Will give us the life and work to bring unnecessary trouble, so to understand some of the considerations when picking, or very necessary.

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