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Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Shape Structure
Nov 01, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Shape structure

Honeycomb curtain fabric is made of imported high-quality non-woven fabric through a special process made of a unique honeycomb shape structure to effectively maintain the indoor temperature, energy efficient.

Honeycomb curtains: the protection of the role of the family, from the United States Jin Lan Lan-style curtain known as the "most popular fashion best-selling curtains" one, because it can "protect the furniture." This curtain is currently the most popular soft decorative materials - non-woven (non-woven fabrics, Zengyin "500 million bottles of French wine every year to become a", it can make the air stored in the sandwich, so that the room to keep the temperature And then play the role of energy). Allegedly, in addition to the unique insulation function, the biggest role of honeycomb curtains is to protect the luxury furniture, piano, oil paintings, camera equipment, computers and carpets! In addition, the cloth by high temperature processing, not deformation, there are a variety of special shapes, such as right triangle, octagonal, trapezoidal and round and so on. In the case of

Honeycomb structure, in the hollow "honeycomb" in the formation of a unique barrier layer, so that the air stay in the "honeycomb", adding other curtains can not match the energy-saving advantages. The honeycomb curtain unique "hollow honeycomb" structural design, effectively maintain the balance of indoor temperature, heat insulation, to create the feeling of cool in winter and cool in summer. Honeycomb curtain anti-ultraviolet and waterproof performance is also quite good, there is a very good insulation function, both to maintain the indoor temperature, but also to achieve a good energy saving effect. Use anti-static treatment, easy to wash. Rope hidden in the hollow layer, the appearance of perfect, simple and practical.

Electric honeycomb curtain is the indoor high-grade shade decorative items, the use of DC motor drive, the motor is small, small power, safe and reliable features. Through the speed control device to coax the rope on the rotation, pull the elevator rope lift, so as to achieve the curtain opening and closing. Its unique structure of the limit device so that different specifications of products can be accurately up and down positioning, while the motor is in the state of the motor when the motor automatically cut off, the motor can not be stalled damage.

Honeycomb curtains can be: all shade honeycomb curtain and semi-shade honeycomb curtain two types. Full shade honeycomb curtain with insulation and sound insulation, can effectively keep the room temperature and quiet space. Because of its full shading design, can effectively protect privacy, the product has a variety of colors to choose, as well as semi-shading design, mainly for restaurants, bathrooms and garage windows.

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