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Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Pull-type Control
Aug 15, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Pull-type control

Sunshine room is a lot of high-end residential unique, is the spring through the pleasant afternoon of the best choice. But the summer sun strong, but also become a lot of owners in the choice of sun room shade when you need to consider the factors. So how do you choose the sun room shade?

       Summer, ultraviolet and heat are very strong, can help owners deal with these two aspects of the sunshade, is the best choice. Sky curtain and honeycomb curtains are two kinds of sun room commonly used shade, the following came to you for details!

       1. Sunshine room sunshade curtain curtain curtain curtain is divided into indoor and outdoor two, the advantages of indoor ceiling curtain is, in addition to play the function of shade insulation, but also has a certain decorative effect. The advantage of outdoor curtains is that the insulation effect is better than the indoor shade, because the ultraviolet light to the glass before the curtain was blocked, greatly reducing the heat in the sun room, the disadvantage is due to the outdoors, life and operation are Subject to certain restrictions. Sky curtain is divided into manual and electric two, indoor, then the area can be used manually, and the best outdoor or through remote control electric operation.

 2. Sunny room sunshade of the honeycomb curtain

  Honeycomb curtain is a hollow fabric design sunshade, because similar to the honeycomb, so named. Honeycomb curtains are divided into two types of beads and skylights. The vertical surface is raised and lowered by the pull-type control curtains. The skylight type is controlled by opening and closing or electric type. The honeycomb curtain can only be used indoors. Curtains, fabric coated with silver, can reflect the UV, play shade effect, because of its hollow design, blocking the heat transfer, to achieve the effect of insulation, honeycomb curtains are divided into single and double peaks, Thermal effect better.

Ceiling curtains and honeycomb curtains are sunny room shade a good choice, of course, other shade series can also be used in the sun room, but the home is mainly two good.

       With the international and domestic various types of window and building shade and intelligent control of a well-known materials suppliers, established a broad basis for cooperation. And in the first time to provide the latest, fastest and most reliable products, applied to all types of window and construction shade project.

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