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Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Honeycomb Structure
Sep 28, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Honeycomb structure

Honeycomb curtain, also known as the organ curtain, is said to be inspired by the world's most perfect building - honeycomb design, unique honeycomb structure, so that the air stored in the hollow layer, so that the room to keep warm, warm and warm. Its anti-ultraviolet and heat insulation function to effectively protect household items, anti-static treatment, easy to wash. Rope hidden in the hollow layer, the appearance of perfect.

Honeycomb curtains special fabrics like honeycombs, hollow structure can store air, so that curtains have to keep room temperature, noise-free function. Honeycomb curtain fabric with spunlace cloth (all shading), spunlace cloth (semi-shading), yarn (semi-shading), ordinary fabric shading, semi-shading, yarn (semi-shading) and so on. Fabric shade different effects are not the same, mainly to see the user's favorite. Honeycomb curtain fabric with a single bee and double bee two, double bee insulation effect to be better, but the cost will be higher. The color of the fabric is colorful, colorful, honeycomb curtains can not only shade insulation, decorative effect is also very good, so by many users like.

Skylight honeycomb curtain is generally used for the sun room at the top of the sun, can be built, can be installed, built inside each frame is required to install a set of curtains, the overall effect like Jiugongge general, a set of curtains smaller, suitable for use of manual devices The The exterior is installed under the frame, the overall curtain than the built-in area, suitable for use of electric devices. Honeycomb curtains can also be used in facade windows, rope-type honeycomb curtains for the facade window, the function is almost the same with the roller, pull the rope, honeycomb fabric will even fold up the top of the track. Honeycomb curtains and facade sliding door style, sliding door type honeycomb curtain modeling simple, honeycomb unique aluminum platinum layer design, with good sound insulation, so that the room becomes more quiet and comfortable, the fabric after special treatment moisture, bacteria can not Breeding, the fabric will not mold. And anti-static, do not adsorb the air in the solid particles, do not stick dust. Rich colors, can be used in the indoor home, shade at the same time play a decorative role. The development of curtains has undergone many changes, the most obvious changes reflected in the curtain material. At the beginning of the window, the window was only used to cut out on the walls and ceilings or to set out very rough holes or openings of the Indian conical tent, whose basic use was only limited to ventilation, The openings are often covered with cloth or grass weaving of the beast. The skins and the mats are the earliest forms of curtains, and because of the aesthetics of the mats, this window is circulated so far, in the summer of the south, there are families will hang grass curtains, whichever is cool.

Han Dynasty Cai Lun invented the paper, people began to use paper as a window cover. Ancient Chinese windows are paste the window paper, the window is very small and very close: First, in order to prevent theft, and second, the window is too large window paper easily broken by the wind.

The lattice window of this paste is very common in the northern houses, the paper is called sorghum paper, white, have a certain thickness and toughness, unless it is deliberately destroyed it, otherwise it is not easy to break.

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