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Honeycomb Blinds Before Pulling
Sep 28, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Before pulling

1, built-in leaf glass in the use of why the stretch effort, feel too heavy?

1) magnetically controlled aluminum rails are improperly installed, magnetic bias, louvers stretch effort.

Solution: Remove the aluminum rail, re-install, aluminum rail close to the aluminum frame, seamless.

2) Hollow louver glass control mechanism is not installed when the installation of hollow louver glass installation requirements, resulting in too deep or inclined groove.

Solution: Remove the hollow louver glass, according to the installation requirements, re-install.

3) magnetic handle on the magnet man-made damage, handle the wheel does not roll or damage.

Workaround: Replace the damaged parts.

2, built-in blinds why the demagnetization of glass?

1) The magnetic handle is in the relaxed state of the magnetic field, and is not fully engaged.

Solution: Reinstall the magnetic handle, so that the magnetic handle into the tight fit state.

2) the user pulls up the magnet handle up and down, pulling too fast too fast, resulting in magnetic handle demagnetization.

Solution: Reinstall the magnetic handle, so that the magnetic handle into the tight fit state.

How to use honeycomb blinds?

1, honeycomb blinds before pulling, the first tune to the orbit into the 90 angle, that is, leaves and leaves were parallel.

2, pull the honeycomb blinds, holding the handle vertical louvers pulling a rope (cross lap pull all the rope) can pull the leaves.

3, the incorrect use of methods will affect the life of louvers;

4, honeycomb blinds leaves the leaves are not transferred to the above angle, do not pull;

5, honeycomb blinds suitable for air-conditioned room, not suitable for use;

6, when the wind is not used to open the window.

Second, the daily cleaning and maintenance of cellular blinds

Cellular blinds on the daily care, people are often easy to ignore the curtains of cleaning, but curtains for a long time, dust, mold and other allergens are easy to hide in the above, based on health considerations, curtains should be cleaned at least once every three months. In spring and summer, because often open the window, it is best to wash once every two months.

Cleaning should also pay attention to different texture of the curtains have different washing methods, the correct cleaning to ensure the life of the curtains.

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