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Honeycomb Blinds Anti-UV
Oct 12, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Anti-UV

Operation: honeycomb blinds, engineering shutter, honeycomb blinds, electric shutter, honeycomb blinds, electric sunshade.

Honeycomb blinds, its anti-ultraviolet and thermal insulation functions to effectively protect household items, a honeycomb curtain, day and night honeycomb curtain, honeycomb curtain sliding door, honeycomb curtain sunroof and so on. Be applicable

In the villa home, star hotels, office buildings and other places.

Cellular blinds are indoor high-grade shade decorative items, the use of DC motor drive, the motor small size, low power, safe and reliable, allowing the maximum area of 5 square meters, negative

Weight 5 kg, height 3.5m. Through the speed control device to coax the rope on the rotation, pull the elevator rope lift, so as to achieve the curtain opening and closing. Cellular blinds are mainly used in the skylight of the cellular blinds shade system.

Honeycomb blinds in the spring and autumn season, and sometimes need heating, and sometimes need to cool, the same summer with the outdoor temperature rise, indoor light, temperature,

Do not open the air conditioning or pull the curtains. So need to use advanced systems to flexibly control. Adjustable shade allows the user to select the desired degree of shading.

Honeycomb blinds

1, the system can be installed indoors or outdoors, can also be installed vertically on the outside of the window.

2, the linkage drive can meet the triangular, round and other irregular roof of the electric shade.

3, the blade angle can be adjusted to control the indoor light.

4, the control mode: wireless remote control, manual control and intelligent control; outdoor use of sunshine, rain, wind sensors and other intelligent control system, the shade system more

Intelligent, convenient and safe.

Honeycomb blinds involved in all aspects of the results, good insulation performance is one of the key tasks of energy saving important room should be located in the winter leeward and sunny parts, one is the roof insulation layer should not use honeycomb blinds larger than the cellular blinds, thermal conductivity High insulation information electric louvers. Including the construction of flat louvers, building construction parts, construction equipment, production and transportation FCS cellular blinds in the construction and installation of energy consumption; manipulation of energy consumption, the construction of individuals with small or mini wind turbines, heat Weak key. House flat leaf FTS honeycomb blinds should be set on the surface of the vent hole to eliminate the insulation layer is not easy to drain the water, summer, winter should be excessive sunshine into the room. While the energy saving is up to 20% 40%, is the frugal service achievements should be the height of all walks of life face up to the progress of national livelihoods. Electric sunshades, especially glass curtain wall construction, solar and building with electric blinds for people to effectively control the renewable electric sunscreen energy supply an ideal way. Should further practice the hollow brick wall and its composite wall skills, the use of energy-saving techniques, art, equipment, materials and products, that is, storage of cold. And have a good ventilation, and no need to transport, which will consume more manpower and resources.

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