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Honeycomb Blinds Adjust The Indoor Light Intensity
Nov 01, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds Adjust the indoor light intensity

Venetian blinds ventilated breathable performance, adjustable indoor light intensity, especially for simple and clean interior space. Easy to fade, no deformation, good insulation effect Aluminum blinds is a more commonly used, the selection of this product should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, observe the color

The curtains and all the accessories (wire frame, adjust the bar, cable) and adjust the bar on the small parts to maintain the same color, indicating that the production process has been closed, the quality of the curtain is also better.

Second, check the finish

Hand feel the smoothness of the blade and the frame, good quality products should be smooth and smooth, smooth edges, no thorn hand feeling.

Third, open the curtains, test the opening and closing of the blade function

Turn the adjustment rod to open the leaves, the leaves should maintain a good level, that is, the spacing between the leaves of the distance symmetry, the leaves remain flat, no up and down the sense of bending. When the leaves are closed, the leaves should be consistent with each other, no leakage of light gap.

Fourth, check the anti-deformation

After the blade is opened, the blade can be pressed by hand to force the blade to bend down, and then quickly let go, such as the blade quickly restore the level of state, no bending phenomenon, then the quality of qualified.

5, test the automatic locking function

When the leaves are all closed, pull the cable, you can roll up the blade. At this point to the right pull the line, the blade should be automatically locked to maintain the corresponding roll up the state, neither to continue to roll, nor loose down. Otherwise, the locking function is problematic. Honeycomb curtain is actually what we call the organ curtain, (what is the organ curtain?) Because of its unique design, so that the air curtains stored in the hollow layer, you can keep the room temperature, but also save air conditioning electricity. "Energy-saving curtains" in the world. Honeycomb curtain anti-ultraviolet and waterproof performance is also quite good, there is a very good insulation function, both to maintain the indoor temperature, but also to achieve a good energy saving effect. Use anti-static treatment, easy to wash. Rope hidden in the hollow layer, the appearance of perfect, simple and practical. As one of the links in nature, light is an indispensable element in human life, because space occupants even in the room, but also need to "photosynthesis" to interact with nature, in order to achieve such a concept. Imagine the huge floor glass door, or large-sized sash design, open the field of vision and "take the King" outdoor natural, so that natural light has entered the space entrance; this makes the home is very spacious and full of light flow of flexible space, so The space overflows the natural light grace.

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