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Honeycomb Blinds According To Different Windows
Oct 23, 2017

Honeycomb Blinds According to different windows

The use of summer curtains rising linearly, hoping to scientifically block or use the summer sun, we must scientifically according to the specific specifications of different windows, personal needs to choose and hang curtains.

According to local conditions of the special curtains the most common ordinary window Ye Hao, floor windows worth mentioning, finally is quite satisfactory, may have the window shape special, the angle of special, for such windows choose curtains must be brains. However, the principle of local conditions is not wrong.

Can be individually controlled by the arched window Curtain arch window curtains can only be divided into two parts, and the use of shutter is the best way. The upper roller curtain is designed to be arc-shaped with an arched shape and can be individually controlled. The lower part of the shutter is divided into two left and right, the same can be controlled separately.

1, the top of the arched window curtains by pulling the rope, so that down to fall, you can expose the windows.

2, the lower part of the curtain is pulled up by way of the window, so that light into the room.

Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain Curtain At this time even if the curtains into a few, curtain rod must also be angle, the curtain of the final suspension effect and the direction of the window is the same.

Corner window is the most important curtain rod, because the window is angle, so do not put the curtain rod directly fixed on the wall, so the lack of stability. You can take the first fixed on the ceiling bracket, and then turn the corner curtain rod fixed on the bracket method.

Up and down the fixed sloping roof window curtains in the complex structure of the top of the house, often there will be inclined roof windows. Trying to make curtains for such windows is both fresh and interesting. This window is the most suitable for the use of the upper and lower fixed curtains are fixed, first of all to hang curtains curtains into the curtain rod, and then the curtain rod through the bracket fixed to the wall, and finally put the hook hanging curtains hanging The ring is finished.

1, due to the special shape of the inclined roof window, curtain support is generally fixed in the people facing the window when the face of the wall, and the stent from the window to have a certain distance.

2, the curtain is hanging through the curtains hanging on the curtain ring, so the extraction is also very convenient.

Common window of the curtains The common windows in the apartment are off windows. For this type of window, if still take the ordinary hanging floor curtains, not only will make the simple space to lose the Smart feeling, and unnecessary waste of fabric.

The new pair of open-door honeycomb curtains off the honeycomb curtains are the best partner for the open windows, according to the width of the window to determine each curtain is two, or three, generally the most common two. Place one of the curtains on each side of the curtain on the wall, and with another fold to connect through the hinge, the other curtain with the same.

For this off the honeycomb curtains, the most important thing is fixed on the wall of the base, must be strong and solid, because each curtain, together with hinges, cross bracket, are relying on it to load.

Concise vase window The curtain window is also a modern type of apartment house is a common type of window, and the same window, this small area of the window, for the sake of simplicity, the use of two open curtains most appropriate The Simply hold the hinge bracket on the wall, and then fix the curtain on the connecting rod that protrudes from the bracket. In order to make the curtains have drape, in order to achieve off, you can at a certain distance, the thin finish material fixed on the curtain to increase the weight.

1, the windows below the heating, wall set by the storage cabinet, you can also use the same fabric to create curtains to block.

2, the most important part of the open curtain is fixed on the wall of the hinge bracket.

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