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Blackout Fabric Dyeing Coating
Aug 03, 2017

Blackout Fabric Dyeing coating

1. Coating shade cloth: the ordinary fabric dyeing coating to achieve the shading of the fabric, coating

Shading cloth

Shading cloth

Generally have silver, flocking, etc., this fabric has two or more layers;

2. Weaving shade cloth: through the weaving method directly to the function of the shading fabric, it is through the organization design, weaving in the middle of the fabric weaving a layer of black silk, to shading, through the finishing, you can segment For the following:

3. Flame retardant shade cloth: a fire-retardant function of the shade cloth, divided into fiber flame retardant shade cloth and finishing flame retardant shading cloth,

4. embossed shade cloth: after dyeing or dyeing flame retardant finishing shade cloth, through a special equipment to press, showing a variety of pattern effects, made of embossed shade cloth,

5. Printing shade cloth: after dyeing or dyeing flame retardant finishing shade cloth, through the transfer printing or paint printing and other methods, the dye fixed on the cloth, made of printing shade cloth;

6. jacquard shade cloth: through the organization design, weaving a variety of patterns to show a variety of pattern effects and can shade fabric;

According to the requirements, can be made waterproof and anti-bacterial anti-bacterial three anti-shade cloth, hot silver shade cloth, offset shade cloth, etc.

Polyester is an important species in synthetic fibers, is China's polyester fiber trade name. It is based on pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw materials by esterification or ester exchange and polycondensation reaction prepared by the fiber polymer - - polyethylene terephthalate (PET), fibers made by spinning and post-treatment.

Use edits

With good shading effect, non-toxic, tasteless, soft, soundproof, heat insulation, waterproof, fire, UV protection, protection of human health and so on. Widely used in the curtain, shutter. This is a modern home life model, but also a trend of international home life and trends!

A shade cloth editing

Currently on the market shade cloth with a shade cloth and two shade cloth (that is, semi-shade) of the points, a shade cloth, shading effect can reach 80%. A shade cloth is the current domestic high-quality shading fabric, can effectively shade at the same time also relatively reduce the indoor temperature, environmental odor, can effectively resist the direct sunlight. Thickness of 0.9CM 850G / square meter

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