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Blackout Fabric Choose Skills
Sep 08, 2017

Blackout Fabric Choose skills

Shading fabric selection techniques to create a comfortable life

      The curtain is a part of the family decoration sting, it not only has the ventilation shading and soundproof meditation use value, but also can play the role of beautifying the room, the proper use of curtains can give elegant, timid, warm beauty. So the choice of curtains are very particular about.

Anti noise

The arrival of the summer, people's outdoor activities increased, the noise outside the window need curtains barrier. If you want a better sound-absorbing effect, in general, the thicker the curtain sound absorption is also stronger, such as flocking, cotton, hemp and other texture curtains.


Summer light strong, in the bedroom, choose shading curtain fabric can guarantee a good sleep. In the living room and the restaurant, you can choose a good light transmission of thin cloth. As the housing units and windows now varied, so the choice of curtains to "local conditions."

Horizontal window

For this short and wide typical window, if there is no deep balcony and radiator, then choose the floor curtain is a better choice.

Curtain pattern has to pay attention. Curtains and patterns should be the size of the window with the room, the age of the residents experience, as well as interior decoration, furniture style coordination. If the window is relatively short, try not to choose the horizontal pattern or small floral pattern, it is best to use vertical pattern. In small windows, you should avoid the choice of large patterns of curtains, otherwise it will appear even smaller windows. Curtain pattern should be correct, do not tilt, or will cause the illusion of the window tilt.

    Election on the curtain opening and closing effort

Curtains and curtain rods between the convergence, there are many ways: in the fabric directly perforated, easy to pull back and forth; outside the bag form, the front looks beautiful, but because of the friction between the fabric and the bar, especially the bag The size of the rod with the diameter of almost the same time, pull back and forth more difficult; harness form is very simple, suitable for relatively thin fabric; lace the same way bad pull, usually not often only play the decorative window. It is recommended to buy the best curtain ring, so easy to open and disassembly when the wash is also convenient.

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