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Blackout Fabric By Routine
Aug 29, 2017

Blackout Fabric By routine

Cleaning methods of common shading fabrics:

1. Soft Venetian blinds

Before cleaning the curtain, first must close the curtain, spray the right amount of water or polishing agent on the leaf of the window, scrub clean with dishcloth, can be kept clean and bright for a long time. The pull rope of the curtain, can use a soft bristle hair brush gently wipe. If the curtain is dirtier, can use dishcloth to dip in some warm water solution cleaner cleanser, also can use a few ammonia water solution to wipe wipe clean.

2. Roller blinds

Pull it down and scrub it with a wet cloth. The rollers are usually hollow, with a thin stick, which can be easily removed from the dust.

Velvet curtains

You should take the curtains down after soaking in neutral or alkaline special cleaner, with handle gently pressing to remove stains on the surface of the curtain, wash after put on inclined frame, make water automatic drip dry, will be bright and clean like new.

Curtains made of canvas or linen

Use a sponge to dip some warm water or soap solution or ammonia solution mixture of liquid to apply to wipe, to be rolled up after drying, this method saves time and effort, the effect is better.

5. Static flocking curtains

This kind of curtain cuts cannot be soaked in the water to knead or brush wash, need only use cotton gauze head dip in a small amount of alcohol or gasoline gently wipe a test. If the flannelette is too wet, do not twist the heave, to avoid the downy fall, the influence is beautiful. Use both hands to water or allow it to dry naturally, to maintain the original appearance of the flocking.

6. Austrian lace window

Clothing should be used when the first cleaning special vacuum cleaner or computer keyboard suck the dirt above the lace, then brush with a soft feather gently sweep, but must be careful operation, not to lace the broken or askew. The curtain that ordinary cloth is made can be wiped with wet cloth, or the gentle washing in clean water or washing machine by regular place.

1, prevent sun point-blank, if it is hung on the exposed to sunlight, best can hang on one side of the anti-static curtains and the sunlight contact more than a common window blind, not let the sun direct illuminate the anti-static curtain.

2, should avoid to toluene, banana oil, such as high concentration of solvent and strong acid, strong alkali solution spilled anti-static curtain above, also should avoid using inappropriate tools and sharp instrument injury or scraping the surface crack curtain.

3 parts to meet the needs of the general of the curtain is iron or stainless steel keel, keel is used to set up esd curtain, sometimes by hooking the anti-static curtain fixed to the top, so the keel to do regular cleaning, Suggestions can put some oil on keel, prevent rust.

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