HTM-P Honeycomb Blinds(shades) Fabric, Light Filtering, Single Cell, Thermal Point Bonded Cellular Shade Fabrics Manufacturer

HTM-P Honeycomb Blinds(shades) Fabric, Light Filtering, Single Cell, Thermal Point Bonded Cellular Shade Fabrics Manufacturer

HTM-P honeycomb blinds fabric or cellular shades fabric, made from thermal point bond non-woven fabric.Soft yet durable, stylish yet functional, this light filtering honeycomb fabric are especially designed to difuse hash sunlight, reduce the need for artificial light.


How to Choose a Honeycomb shade fabric

1.Shape of Cells

Honeycomb shades, aslo known as cellular shades, come in different cell shapes, traditional H shaped cells and D shaped cells. D shape cells are designed to hold the accordion shape better. Our soft touch Single Cell shades fabric, Double Cell Shades fabric and Triple Cell shades fabric are manufactured with the D shape cells. 

2. Type of Material

Cellular shades fabric or honeycell fabric typically come in two types of fabric, spun lace and point bond. Spun lace(HSL series) is a softer, heavier duty material than point bond (HTM-P series). Spun lace is more effective in insulating heat and coldness than point bond. For the bigger cell, such as 9/16″(38mm) and 3/4″(45mm) . Spun lace(HSL series) is better, because it looks thicker. For 3/8″Cells(25mm) both of them has their own feature. HSL, the color is softer. But The outline of HTM-P is more stronger.


3. Number of Cells
The more cells a honeycomb shade has the better insulation it will provide. Cellular shades are excellent for insulation from heat or cold as well as noise reduction. A double cell shade will provide better insulation than a single cell shade.

4. Light Filtration
Cellular shades fabric or honeycell fabric come in different grades of light filtration. Blackout cellular shades fabric and room darkening cell shades fabric are excellent at blocking  undesired light while light filtering cell shades fabric or translucent cell shades fabric allow light to enter the room during the day but still provide privacy.

5. Pleat Size

The size of the pleats in cellular shades fabric determines the number pleats the overall shade will have. For instance, a 3/8 inch cell shade will have more pleats than a 3/4 inch cellular shade.

All colors can be customized or choosen from our collection book

25HTM-P honeycomb cell.jpg

Why choose to buy honeycomb shades fabric from Zhongyang? 


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